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Jewelry Gallery: Wearable Art Pieces

Items shown in the gallery are either sold, gifted away, or in my personal collection. If you see a piece that you like, I may be able to make something similar, depending on bead availability, of course. Email me if you have any questions.

These art pieces are some of what I concider to be my most creative work. Each is labor and time-intensive and involves a deeper creative process than most of my handcrafted jewelry.

Martini Luck Necklace - This amazing neck piece was originally made as a donation to an art show/silent auction, but then after talking to the organizers of the event, I changed my mind and decided to donate a bunch of smaller, simpler items in it's place, hoping to better match the audience. It is being offered for sale.

Off the Pier Necklace - And extravagant and wonderful neck piece featuring a Karen Hill Tribe sterling silver pendant, faceted pearls, shell buttons, wooden disks and lots and lots of glass beads of all sorts. Closed with a silver Karen Hill Tribe toggle clasp. This necklace is being offered for sale.

"Sea Garden Necklace" - My first successful attempt at an artistic piece - the beautiful sea fan is by Dragon Beads and I couldn't even begin to tell you how many colors of seed beads and other little treasure beads are in it. This piece took at least 30 hours to complete, not including the time I spent working it all out in my head.

This is a project I made for the Lush Garden Exchange at Wet Canvas. It's 42 inches of peyote rope in six colors with five of my handmade lampwork beads and misc. glass beads for decoration. It can be worn looped in the front or to the side, knotted in the front, wrapped around like a scarf... as a belt if it fits (not me!). It was a lot of fun to make and I hope glass artist and jewelry designer, Shirley Cook enjoys it!

My first freeform woven piece, called "Galaxy Necklace". Beautiful stylized porcelain sun bead, nine natural stone bead "planets", button clasp. Includes moons, planet rings, asteroid belt and black holes. This piece took me several months to complete and was a work of love for my mom.

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